We marry commercial experience with intellectual rigour and technical expertise and our results are always practical and efficient.

The Entire Chessboard

Our lawyers are subject area specialists.
We see the entire chessboard because we are adept in every aspect of each subject.

Expertise First

Being subject area specialists means we know more than just the law about that subject


Acton Law is a boutique law firm specializing in corporate and commercial law. We are set apart from other firms because of our unique approach to legal practice and our distinct expertise. Three aspects to our approach differentiate us from other firms. We deliver legal services: with a commercial focus on the client’s needs; built upon sound technical ability; and executed efficiently.


Commercial Focus: We put our clients’ needs centre stage and know that practical commercial solutions lie at the heart of those needs. We are able to understand and anticipate their individual legal needs because we’ve been investors and entrepreneurs; company directors and business managers; business owners and employers.

Dexterity: Our lawyers are subject area specialists with the dexterity to receive instructions on any matters relating to corporate and commercial law.

Efficiency: This versatility enables us to field fewer people for transactions. We are naturally lean and provide excellent value.


Our clients are involved in multifaceted businesses and they deserve legal advisors who consider the entire chessboard; and not just individual chess pieces. Our lawyers know the commercial aspects of our clients’ businesses. We apply well tested technical rigour to our broad commercial experience and offer tailored solutions.

By thoroughly assessing the risks and commercial issues involved, we are able to provide legal and strategic commercial advice. In turn, the quality of our advice enables our clients to set up their chess pieces and see the chessboard from opening move to end game.


Our corporate and commercial work is at the heart of our practice. Our clients include a range of Singapore and international clients in every sector and we advise on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial work.

As each of our lawyers is experienced in both contentious and non-contentious matters in a wide range of corporate and commercial law matters, our clients always receive strategic and comprehensive legal advice.


We have extensive experience and expertise in every legal aspect of private equity work. Our versatile lawyers advise on the full range of transactions and disputes from:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
  • Shareholders’ Disputes & Director Litigation
  • Banking & Financial Transactions
  • Financial Disputes & Corporate Fraud
  • Corporate Insolvency & Restructuring

Mergers and Acquisitions/Joint Ventures:

Our experience includes acting for vendors and purchasers; investment funds; and companies raising finance; in venture capital investment to complicated cross-border mergers and acquisitions and from initial investment through to exit.

Notable matters that our lawyers have acting in are: 

  • the sale of subsidiaries by a major Singapore private education service provider in the S$46 million restructurings of its operations in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”).
  • joint ventures by two Singapore sovereign wealth funds in their investments into the development of smart cities in the PRC worth RMB100 billion.
  • capital raising transactions through the issuance of redeemable convertible preference shares in a FinTech company in the PRC.
  • joint ventures to finance, build and operate infrastructure projects in the petrochemical industry in Malaysia.
  • the sale of shares in a Malaysian joint venture company by a leading United States commodities trading company to a Dutch conglomerate in an acquisition worth US$45 million which raised issues of Malaysian foreign investment regulations and corporations law.
  • acting for the majority shareholders in a restructuring of a group of companies worth approximately S$300 million. Issues arising out of the restructuring included the collective sale and collective development of real estate properties in Singapore.

Shareholders’ Disputes and Director Litigation:

Our lawyers have acted in minority oppression litigation; joint venture disputes as well as in contentious matters involving breaches of directors’ duties.

Notable matters include:

  • acting in the Judicial Management of a prominent Singapore construction company involving various claims against its former directors and with the Government of Singapore of approximately S$8 million.
  • acting for a client in defending claims involving shares in a Malaysian public listed company involving issues of forum non-conveniens and choice of law.
  • acting for the minority shareholders and related companies of a Singapore tin company with operations in Indonesia and Singapore in a dispute with its PRC majority shareholders over the validity of a shareholders’ agreement and concerning allegations of financial and operational mismanagement.
  • acting for a minority shareholder in a S$10 million minor oppression claim against a Singapore fund management company.

Banking and Financial Transactions:

Our lawyers have acted in banking and leveraged financing transactions, including senior, mezzanine and subordinated debt; asset finance for capital assets to general corporate loan finance; non-bank lending and other alternative sources of debt financing.

Notable transactions include:

  • acting for a syndicate of lenders from 4 different jurisdictions in a mezzanine lending transaction with a PRC based toy manufacturer with operations in the PRC, Hong Kong SAR and the United States. Issues included advising on the enforcement of security over multiple jurisdictions and the issuance of 2 different classes of convertible securities.
  • acting for the lenders in an exchangeable loan agreement worth US$7 million through a special purpose vehicle which entailed the structuring of rights between the lenders, the vehicle and the borrower.
  • acting in the amendment and extension of a revolving loan facility between 2 BVI lenders and a Hong Kong SAR borrower.
  • acting in the US$20 million fund raise by a Japanese real estate fund.

Financial Disputes and Corporate Fraud:

Our lawyers have acted in lending disputes; structured financial product disputes (including mis-selling and professional negligence claims relating to finance transactions); to legal proceedings and investigations relating to corporate fraud and recovery of assets.

Notable matters include:

  • acting as counsel for an international bank in its claim against a former client for losses incurred by the client in the course of trading in a variety of derivatives.
  • acting for a Singapore exempt fund manager in Monetary Authority of Singapore investigations which involve allegations of impropriety on the part of its majority shareholders and in the relocation of its fund management business from Singapore to Hong Kong SAR.
  • acting for a leading Norwegian international operational risk manager in the oil and gas industry in an investigation by Indonesian competition regulators into a major energy project worth US$100 million.
  • acting for a German liquidator in proceedings before the Singapore High Court for recognition of German insolvency proceedings and to recover assets which were fraudulent transferred.
  • acting for a Japanese oil trading firm in its letter of credit claim against its counterparty’s bank involving issues of the counterparty’s fraud.

Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring:

Our lawyers have acted for companies in financial distress as well as advising creditors and insolvency practitioners; in schemes of arrangement, judicial management and voluntary and court winding up proceedings.

Such matters include:

  • acting for a group of Korean shipping companies in a global debt restructuring which included applications for the sanction of a cross-border scheme of arrangement before the Singapore High Court.
  • acting for the Judicial Managers of a Singapore public listed company with subsidiaries and operations in the PRC. Negotiation of a scheme of arrangement between the company’s creditors and shareholders which included a capital injection from a consortium of PRC sovereign wealth funds investors and a reverse listing on the Singapore Exchange.
  • acting for an Austrian investor in the liquidation of a Singapore clean energy company which involved the enforcement of an Austrian government investment guarantee.
  • acting in the Liquidation of a Singapore Government linked information technology company with subsidiaries in PRC involving issues of conflicts of corporations, insolvency and contract law.
  • advising various Japanese and United States petrochemical trading houses on claims, approximately US$60 million, in the potential insolvency of their trading partners involving issues of choice of law and jurisdiction.
  • acting for the Liquidators of a real estate investment holding vehicle in a liquidation valued at approximately S$50 million.


Commercial law work is at the heart of our practice and is core to everything we do. Our lawyers have acted in both contentious and non-contentious commercial law matters from employment disputes to large scale licensing transactions.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising on a broad range of commercial agreements and disputes including matters relating to:

  • Distribution
  • Supply
  • Outsourcing
  • Franchising
  • Joint Ventures





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